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Neck Laceration Protection Required for all Hockey Players Under 18 beginning August 1

The Fremont Flyers hockey program would like to pass along the following information from USA Hockey.  As many of you know, USA Hockey passed a ruling for all players under the age of 18 to wear a neck laceration protector.  The Fremont Flyers hockey program takes this issue seriously and will require all athletes to wear protection at all USA Hockey sanctioned events including but not limited to tryouts, practices and games from this point forward.  Athletes who are not compliant, will not be allowed on the ice until protection is obtained.  We encourage parents to purchase protection now, prior to the August 1st deadline so that we do not have to hold players off the ice.  There are plenty of products available but please make sure that they are a certified product before purchasing.  Coaches will be in charge of enforcing this rule and will face consequences from the program if they are not upholding the rule.  Please act now to make sure you are compliant for the season.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at-


From USA Hockey---


Starting August 1, 2024, all players in the Youth (boys), Girls, High School and Junior age categories are required to properly wear a neck laceration protector that is designed for that purpose, and all game officials under the age of 18 are required to wear a neck laceration protector as well.


Please note, this rule does not apply to Adult category players, and game officials 18 years old and older.


To clarify, a neck laceration protector that is “designed for that purpose” is a piece of equipment that is specifically designed for protecting the neck area from cuts and abrasions while playing hockey. It goes without saying, that a common turtleneck sweater, headband or other clothing article that was never designed for protecting hockey players will not satisfy this rule. Game officials are strongly encouraged to use best judgement while determining if the equipment was designed for hockey, and protecting the neck from cuts, and always err on the side of protecting the player.


Additionally, hanging plastic goalkeeper throat protectors do not satisfy this rule due to the fact that they are not designed as neck laceration protectors, and they do not offer protection to the sides and rear of the neck. In short, all goalkeepers must wear a neck laceration protector in addition to any optional equipment they wear to protect the throat and neck area from shots.


If a player’s neck laceration protector comes off during play, the play shall be allowed to continue until the next stoppage. At which point the player must replace the equipment or be substituted for by another player. This interpretation is treated the same as mouthpieces.


With regard to enforcement, if a player enters the game without a neck laceration protector they shall be ruled off the ice and a team warning shall be issued to that team, and any further violation by that team shall result in a misconduct penalty being issued to the offending player.


Best wishes for a safe and successful season, and thank you for your dedication to USA Hockey.


Flyers Announce 10u NE Warbirds team

By Fremont Flyers 07/08/2024, 4:45pm CDT

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The Fremont Flyers hockey program is excited to announce that our Squirt A Travel team will be called the Nebraska Warbirds for the 24-25 season!

Just like Warbirds teams before them, the 10u Warbirds' winning environment and concentrated coaching efforts will help the 10u program soar into the future. The Warbirds coaches will focus on building each athlete, through high-end practices that emphasize dedication and desire, as well as teamwork, and are instilled with the daily habits of character and integrity necessary to become successful leaders both on and off the ice.   

We are excited to announce Coaches Jeff Hoggan and Warren Peters will be coaching this group along with a dedicated team of assistant coaches and former Warbirds players.

Tryouts will be held Monday, July 29 @ 6:30 pm at Ralston and Thursday, August 1 @ 6:30 pm Moylan Ice Plex

Tryout Dates Set!

The National Champion Nebraska Warbirds are thrilled to announce the warpath continues with an Independent schedule of U15 AA-U16  tournaments along with 20-30 U16 games for the upcoming 24-25 Season.

The Warbird model of high-level coaching and a cost-effective approach to development renews opportunities for aspiring players born in 2008, joining some of the top 2009 birth years in the Midwest.

The Warbirds staff are some of the most experienced coaches in the Midwest, with firsthand experience playing and coaching hockey at the highest levels. 

 The Warbirds' winning environment and concentrated coaching efforts are well-regarded in hockey circles nationwide. They focus on nurturing athletes' dreams through high-end practices, emphasizing dedication, and desire, supported by a community of like-minded hockey enthusiasts and local sponsors. Warbird players continue the seamless transition to higher labeled A programs each year along with recent advancements through Regional District tryouts. The winning culture continues instilling daily habits of character and integrity necessary to become successful leaders both on and off the ice.   

  Tryouts will be held Wednesday, August 14 at 5:45 pm and Thursday 8/15 at 8:15 pm at Moylan Ice Plex.